Fujisan's Kyareng

Sunday, December 12, 2010

China's Peace Prize - Joke of the Year 2010

Chinese communist leadership in their desperate attempt to play down the Nobel Peace Prize to Liu Xiaobo and to snub the Norway's century old Nobel Peace Prize tradition, constituted their own version 'Confucius Peace Prize' in three weeks time in great frenzy.

The prize was conferred to Mr. Lien Chan, former vice president of Taiwan for his service in bridging peace between Taiwan striate and the mainland. Among the nominees were Bill gates, Nobel Laureates like Nelson Mandela and Jimmy Carter, and the Chinese version of Tibetan Panchen Lama.

In a great rush to hijack the limelight from Oslo, the ceremony was done a day before the Norway's Noble day. But to the dismay of the leadership and its cohorts, Mr. Lien Chan did not appear to receive the Prize. According to the media report, Lien Chan said that he was not aware of such Prize and has no plan to visit Beijing to receive any Prize. When their staged performance failed to give the desired effect, the leadership ordered blackout of CNN and BBC TV channels during Oslo's Nobel ceremony.

One of my Chinese friends was so shocked and exclaimed, "This is the biggest political joke of the year! How can they stoop so low! I beg the communist leadership not to make fool of Chinese civilization."

With the constitution of this Prize, communist leadership has shown what Peace and Human rights actually mean in China. The prize is blasphemy not only to the great philosopher Confucius; it is insult to all the eight nominees of the prize. How long will China continue like this? By locking Liu Xiaobo in prison, China has opened the heart of all for Liu Xiaobo. You can lock the people in prison but not their mind. And revolution starts in mind.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

What His Holiness Said

Following is what His Holiness the Dalai Lama said during His November visit to Japan. [6th - 16th November 2010]

To a congregation of Japanese Monks
We are all free to make our choice. It is not necessary to become a monk to become a good practitioner. But if you decide to become a monk and take the required vows, then you must sincerely live and practice as defined in the vows. Putting on monk's robe without actually practicing is not going to help you, and the society and the Buddha Dharma.

On Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Hiroshima and Nagasaki cities will live throughout the history to remind the humanity of the destructive nature of nuclear weapons and wars. May these two cities be the first and the last places to witness the weapons of mass destruction.

On Disarmament
When we talk of disarmament; we tend to focus on external factors only. While external disarmament is necessary, real disarmament should start from internal disarmament. We should first disarm ourselves from hatred and anger in our heart, and try to find peace within ourselves, only then the external disarmament will work.

To Japanese Youngsters
Young Japanese should know that they are in a good position to learn, acquire knowledge and contribute to the society. Unfortunately, we hear many are depressed and suicide case is high. You need to look at life from a broader perspective. There are many who are placed in a less unfortunate state, thinking only about yourself and Japan may be suffocating. So go out and see what you can do, the world is waiting for you. But in order to contribute meaningfully, you should learn English.

On his English
My English is broken English, but even this broken English is very useful. It enables me to communicate with many people.

On the problems in this World
The world and the governments belong to people. Problem comes when some leaders thinks the other way round.