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Thursday, August 5, 2021

Tibetan and Japanese Children Books


Tibetan and Japanese Folktaes 


Khawaripa strives to compile, translate, and introduce the rich ancient Tibetan and Japanese folk stories to the children around the world. It is an attempt to resuscitate the folktales and legends of Tibet from the verge of fading out of people's memory. Through these folk-stories our forefathers and parents have passed the important message of societal code of conduct and moral values to the children. Our children should know these folktales, so that they also come to know that once we lived with the animals around and communicated with them. We hope the children around the world will enjoy reading these tales and appreciate the moral and spiritual messages the stories convey.

Please visit: https://tibetanchildrenbooks.blogspot.com/ for the books and information. The books are also available at http://www.paljorpublications.com/ in Delhi, India