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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Ancient Wisdom, Modern Health

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Tibetan Sound Healing by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche 
This book is an invaluable gift from the Tibetan masters to the modern world. Master Tenzing Wangyal Rinpoche has immaculately explained the ancient Tibetan wisdom of sound healing through this book and the CD attached to it. Modern science has taught us to be rational and to believe in the things that we could see and touch. Cause of disease or sickness are always attributed to external factors. Medicine, pills and injection are prescribed as an antidote to the disease. Modern science has greatly helped the humanity in providing the required medicine in healing our disease. But this healing has been limited to physical only. In the good old days, people lived healthily without the benefit of modern science and its gadgets. Our forefathers looked inside to maintain proper mental and physical health. Emphasis is laid on the internal spiritual health. This book is about healing and maintaining our health through the application of sacred sound along with the rTsa rLung [Channel and wind] exercise. The six sacred warrior syllables are:  Aa, Om, Hung, Ram, dZa.
These six sacred sounds are called warrior because like a warrior they can eliminate and destroy the blocks and negativities within ourselves. The practice involves meditation, and application of specific sound at the Chakras to clear the blocks and make space for positive energy. We all wish for good things and wants happiness, but we fail to make space inside for the good and happy things to come and settle. Each warrior syllables act on the specific chakra on the channel to bring positive vibration and energy. White Aa syllable at the crown chakra is associated with space; the analogy is clear desert sky. Red Om syllable at the throat chakra discovers the awareness within that space. Blue Hung syllable at the heart chakra is the union of space and awareness. Red Ram syllable represent the ripening of the positive quality. Green dZa syllable is the place of manifestation. In a nutshell, these five chakras represent: space, awareness, energy, growth and attainment.

With this practice of six warrior sound syllables along with meditation, we are assured of good internal as well as external health. With the six warrior syllables as main, the book also enumerates the five important rTsa rLung exercises to cleanse ourselves of negative emotions and replace it with positive emotion and good health. These exercises are rTsa rLung exercise of: Upward movement, life-force, fire-like, pervasive and downward movement. These exercises and meditation can also be seen as important path and method toward effective understanding and practice of dZogchen teaching.  This is a simple but very valuable book to discover the space within ourselves to live healthily and positively.      


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