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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Arrogance of the Chinese leaders

Ignore foreign pressure on Tibet, says Zhu

Zhu Weiqun, the former head of United Front Work Department of CCP has written in a Chinese government-run website that China should ignore foreign pressure on Tibet, and totally disregard whatever the West says. He writes, "As China become more involved in international affairs, and as Tibet and Xinjiang further open to the world, more and more Westerners will have an understanding of Tibet and Xinjiang that better accord the reality."
Zhu Weiqun's statement is typical of Chinese leaders looking after the Tibet issue: Han chauvinism and irresponsible bossy attitude. This is the stance of people with whom the Tibetans are struggling to negotiate to achieve mutually acceptable solution. But see the arrogance, obnoxious disdainful haughtiness of the people with whom the Tibetans envoys have been dealing with, no wonder, we have achieved nothing. He talks about the need for the West to understand Tibet, but will he or his likes ever open Tibet and allow foreigners to enter Tibet freely and understand Tibet???
If China is so confident about the development and prosperity that they claim to have achieved in Tibet, why are they afraid and hesitant about allowing foreign diplomats, media, and tourist to visit Tibet freely?? Instead of defaming and backbiting His Holiness the Dalai Lama, why don't they allow His Holiness to visit Tibet and talk with him?? Its only when Zhu and his likes have answers to these questions, can they confidently say something about Tibet. Otherwise, it is the fear, arrogance and ignorance within them that is doing the speaking!!! 

See the impunity with which he writes, "... and that the West's interest lies in development and maintaining ties with China, not the opposite." Zhu should know that China is a part of this world, not the other way round. If Xi Jinping is serious about resolving Tibet issue, he should let better people handle Tibet issue.

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