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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hu Jinato in US

Hu Jintao during his interview in United States pretended he didn't hear properly when asked about human rights issue in China. He was not bluffing, actually the word 'human rights' is not in his vocabulary. So, he didn't understand what Obama was talking about. Funny!!

Any how, when asked for the second time, Hu dodged the question on human rights by implying that China is big and has a large population and it is developing. Now, if the size and the population is obstacle, why doesn't China give Tibet, Uigyur, Inner Mongolia and other minorities their rightful freedom, and let them live in peace.

Chinese communist leaders' obstinate greed to rule China indefinitely has made the colonization of Tibet and others necessary to justify its iron rule. Chinese people are ingeniously used by the communist leaders by inciting patriotism to divert the people's attention from more pressing issues. Therefore, the Chinese people are always at the mercy of communist propaganda.

President Obama should be commended for his clear message to the Chinese leader on human rights issue and for urging Hu to talk with Dalai Lama's representative to resolve Tibet issue. He talked about American concept of universality of human rights and freedom, thus making a point that US will not compromise on human rights issue.

With this visit to US, the land of freedom and justice, let us hope the Chinese leader will give her people their share of universal rights. This Hu Jintao can do before he retires from the helm of authoritative power next year. With continued suppression of Chinese and the people of minority communities and deprivation of their human rights, Hu Jintao will only be reserving his seat in the list of oppressors and dictators, who are scorned as the enemies of the civilization in human history. President Hu still has time to choose whether he wants to be remembered as an oppressor or a liberator in the world history

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