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Friday, October 22, 2010

A Fortuneteller's Tale

I saw an interesting, yet a funny news piece on television last time. This real life incident happened in Russia recently. A young unemployed man goes to consult a lady fortuneteller [a mystic], who seems to be quite popular in the neighborhood. The lady meticulously observes his hand with a magnifying glass, she also consult tarot cards. After sometime, she lifts her face, little surprised and dismayed too. She tells the young man that he needs to be careful about his conduct otherwise he will soon find himself behind the bar – a prison.

The young man gets angry and demands for further details as to how he would land into a prison. The lady tells him to calm down and says this "how" aspect could not be explained. The young man gets agitated and violent. He began to hit the lady and bang the tables and the things around. The clients waiting in line inform the police and the young man was taken in police custody. What an accurate foretelling!!

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