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Monday, October 11, 2010

Nobel Peace Prize for Liu Xiaobo

by Khawaripa Taro, [9th October 2010, Sat]

Tokyo: This year's Nobel Peace Prize to Chinese human right activist Liu Xiaobo is a clear message to Chinese communist party government that call for democracy and human right cannot be suppressed with brute force for long. China sees Liu as a criminal fit to remain shut in prison. While the World see him as a positive icon of peace, democracy and human right. This shows the real nature of the Communist regime, which had kept its people suppressed for so long.

The award has also opened the eyes of the Chinese people to the true color of the Communist government. When Dalai Lama of Tibet was awarded 1989 Nobel Peace Award, the Communist government denounced the award and instigated the Chinese people that it was a western nation's ploy to destabilize China, and that Dalai Lama was a separatist. Chinese people who had no source of information other than the government's believed it and condemned the award.

But this time it is different; the award was given to a Chinese who had sincerely fought for freedom, democracy and human right in China. Liu Xiaobo is well known to the Chinese public, he is their hero. Now that their hero is honored with the same Noble Peace Prize that Dalai Lama received twenty years ago, Chinese public has realized what the award really meant. I dawned on them how the Communist government deceived them for all these years. They are now more informed who the real 'separatist' is!!

Recent speech by Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao extolling the principle of democracy and freedom of speech is really encouraging. Such positive change in the attitude of Chinese leadership is what is needed to achieve the goal of harmonious society of President Hu Jinatao. It is high time the Communist leadership realizes that they cannot go on suppressing the people's aspiration for freedom and democracy in the land. They should welcome and honor Dalai Lama and Liu Xiaobo to rebuild a prosperous China where the ideals of freedom and democracy is respected as enshrined in the Chinese constitution.

Media black out, suppressing the celebrating citizens and house arrest of Liu's wife; these kind of reactions will only tarnish the image of China abroad and hinder the progressive march to a prosperous democartic China.

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