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Monday, March 11, 2013

10th March Observed in San Francisco

March 10, 2013 Sunday
ཨ་རི་སེན་ཕཱེ་རན་སིས་ཀོ་གྲོང་ཁྱེར་ལ་གསུམ་བཅུའི་དུས་དྲན་ཐེངས་ ༥༤ ས་གནས་བོད་མི་དང་རྒྱབ་སྐྱོར་བ་མི་སྣ་ཁག་ནས་ལྷག་བསམ་རྣམ་དག་གིས་གཟབ་རྒྱས་བརྩི་སྲུང་ཞུས་པ། 

བོད་ཀྱི་བདག་པོ་བོད་མི་ཡིན། རྒྱ་དམར་བོད་ནས་ཕར་རྒྱུག་ཤིག
Tibet belongs to Tibetans; China out of Tibet! Out of Tibet !!!

Tibetans marchiing through the street of San Francisco, USA
San Francisco: Tibetans and Tibetan supporters gathered in multitude at San Francisco downtown to commemorate the 54th anniversary of Tibetan uprising against the Chinese occupation of Tibet. People gathered at first at Berkeley city council where the message of Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) Dharamsala was read before the gathering. The City Council member Kriss gave an overwhelming speech in support of Tibetan people’s aspiration for freedom and justice in their homeland. He said it is a grave mistake to blame the people in Tibet of the self-immolation going on in Tibet, it is the social, political and cultural repression going on in Tibet that is to blame. “Berkeley city council as a whole has always supported the struggle and aspiration of Tibetan people; I’m only a representative of the city council.” He said.
Tibetan National Flag was hosted along with the American's before the City council hall, and Tibetan National Anthem "Sishi Phende" was sung at the ceremony.


Later, the people marched to San Francisco downtown and gathered before the City hall. Amidst some five hundred Tibetana and Tibetan supporters, regional executives of Students for Free Tibet and Tibetan Youth Congress made a rhetoric speech on Tibetans struggle for independence and freedom. Richmond Mayor made a strong speech in support for the all the people fighting for justice and freedom. “I’m priveleged and honored to be among the people struggling for good and just cause. We all must stand up and speak for freedom and justice, otherwise we’re all empty vessels.” She said.

Young Tibetans leading the struggle for Independence
Passing through the most crowed lane of the city, the gathering marched from the San Francisco city council to the Union square, the most congested public gathering spot in the city. Throughout the three-hour march, people carrying Tibetan national flags, and the slogans highlighting the Tibetan issues received warm response from the pedestrians and the car drivers. Pamphlets on the purpose of the demonstration was distributed by the young Tibetans, many people readily accepted the pamphlets and showed their sign of agreement and support.

Chinese Tianenmen sqaure hero speaking for Tibet
Around four hundred Tibetans and Tibet supporters made this full day march and participation. The demonstrators made a long stop over before the Chinese embassy in the city, where the slogans to free Tibet and China was made, many Chinese also participated, prominent among them was the Chinese veteran Human rights activist, who lost his legs during 1989 Tiananmen square massacre. He said Tibetans and Chinese all should fight for freedom in Tibet as well as freedom in China. “The communist regime at the center is just a totalitarian regime interested only in keeping hold of their own power, and is least concerned about the general welfare of the people of Tibet, and China as a whole.” He said.
Richmond Mayor Speaking for the feedom, human rights and democracy in Tibet.
 The full day rally was organized by the Regional Students of Free Tibet and Tibetan Youth Congress supported by the Tibetan Association of North California. Many elderly people expressed their happiness to see many young Tibetan actively organizing and directing the rally. Some young executive members shed tears while delivering speech on Tibetan situation.

These tears from the young Tibetans who had never seen Tibet is a clear message to the Chinese communist regime that they cannot sleep in a complacency that they had swallowed Tibet. The Chinese leadership should understand the reality and give Tibetans their rightful freedom and democracy.
Tibetans monks from all school of Buddhism parying to open the eyes of ignorant Chinese leaderships' to see the real nature of reality and save humanity

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