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Thursday, April 18, 2013


  ཨཱོྃ   ཧཱུཾ  རཾ 

Berkeley: April 17, 2012 Wednesday:
Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche of Ligmincha Institute of Bon Studies gave a teaching on “Tibetan Sound Healing” to a large audience at the teaching hall of the Sacred Stream at Berkeley, San Francisco. The teaching was based on the book the Rinpoche has written recently on the Tibetan art of sound healing.

 Rinpoche talked on the five sacred warrior seed syllable ‘A, Om, Hun, Ram and dZa’ of Bon tradition.  Tonpa Shenrab Miwo, the founder of the Bon religion of Tibet first taught about these syllables. These syllables are termed as warriors, because they have power to control and overcome the negative emotions, problems and dilemmas that we face in our daily life. We all want to be happy and joyful; in order to do so we need to create a space for it. We need to clear and remove the unhappiness and sadness occupying the space within us. Trying to be joyful without creating a space for it would be a fruitless exercise.
The sacred sound and energy of these five syllables along with proper meditation will help us create the right space and awareness for positive emotions to radiate and expand within us. The sound healing is like seeing a cloudy sky [A]; the cloud gets dispersed and cleared [Om]; warm sunshine is there [Hun]; positive energy comes from the sunshine [Ram]; and plants, vegetations and flowers blooms [dZa]. This is a general concept; now apply this to the mediation.
 Think about a problem or a fear that you have in your mind. The fear is occupying a certain space in your mind and it is obstructing the confidence to come out. Sit in a relaxed meditational posture, think about the fear that you want to overcome. Concentrate on your forehead, and let yourself be aware of that fear; don’t try to analyze, judge or deep. Visualize as if that fear is occupying the space in your mind like a cloud; now utter the syllable ‘A’ slowly, and let the sound vibrate with energy and disperse the cloud. Do this seven times. Having dispersed the cloud of fear, a space has been created.
ཨཱོྃ  Next, bring this awareness of dispersion and cessation of the fear to the throat and concentrate there. Be aware of the cessation of the fear and the creation of space and dwell on it. Utter the syllable “Om” slowly seven times and concentrate on this awareness of the cessation of the fear. Being aware of the cessation of the fear, a positive energy is generated.
 ཧཱུཾ  Thirdly, bring this awareness of positive energy to your heart chakra; visualize a positive warmth and confidence in your heart. Utter the syllable “Hun” slowly seven times while concentrating on the quality of confidence and positive energy taking shape in your heart. Having seen and felt the positive energy and quality in your heart, this energy needs to be ripened.
རཾ Fourthly, bring this state and quality of confidence to your navel chakra, the fire area. Here while uttering the syllable “Ram” seven times, concentrate and let the navel chakra cook or work on the quality of confidence to make it mature and to ripen it. Here the fear has now been transformed into confidence.
Lastly, this ripened quality of the confidence should be brought to the scared chakra; the sexual organ. Here while uttering the syllable “dZa” slowly seven times, concentrate and visualize the birth and actual generation or manifestation of the confidence, which has evolved from the fear at “Ah” level. This mapping and working on the five chakras with the five sacred warrior syllables is how the Tibetan sound healing works.
The sound of the syllables works on body at the crown, speech at the throat, mind at the heart, quality at the navel and action at the sacred chakra. During the questions and answers session, Rinpoche further explained that love and joyful things happens because you are open to it, not because you want it to happen it. We make effort without creating conducive space. A proper space and awareness needs to be generated to have the positive things to happen. The five chakras are also defined as: crown chakra – changeless body; throat chakra – ceaseless speech; heart chakra – pure heart; navel chakra – perfected quality; and sex chakra – spontaneous action. The five chakras and the five sacred syllables have this power to create the required space and awareness to have our positive emotions grow and expand.

Note: This is a blogger’s note on what the Rinpoche spoke and taught at the Foundation, error or omission cannot be ruled out. Serious students are advised to see the Rinpoche’s book “Tibetan Sound Healing” and the utubes: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=wcd4qDuOACw    



  1. Tibetan Singing bowls and Tibetan Himalayan bowls are a very ancient process of healing with sounds. For many diseases it is undoubtedly good. But sound therapy has now become more precise after the researches of many more healing sound frequencies for various diseases.

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