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Saturday, June 6, 2020

Coronavirus pandemic; a Chinese trojan horse to global hegemony

April 27, 2020

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The Coronavirus pandemic, which originated from the Wuhan city of China last year, has affected and disturbed the world greatly. It has created a war-like situation in public health, economy, and politics and in international relations around the world. Many theories came up as to the cause of the Coronavirus, a spurt from the Wuhan wet market to an accident in a bio-warfare laboratory to Chinese conspiracy to disrupt the world order. Whatever the theories, one undeniable fact is that the virus originated from Wuhan, and China deliberately suppressed the information at the cost of global pandemic. 

The international community is unanimous in the deduction that the Chinese leadership mishandled the outbreak and is accountable to the devastation it wrecked around the world.[1] The pandemic has exposed the ruthless nature of Xi Jinping’s leadership and the insidious conspiracy of China to take the helm of world power at whatever cost. The world leaders are not happy with what China has done and how it is still bullying around with impunity.[2]

Had China taken action and attended to the warning the Chinese doctor Li Wenliang[3] and others[4] gave at the early stages of the virus outbreak, this pandemic could have been contained and so many lives in China and around the world could have been saved. Unfortunately, the leadership silenced the voice of these sincere doctors and citizens who tried to warn the people of the incubating epidemic in the region.[5] 

This makes us ponder on the theory that the virus spread from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, one of the top most Chinese centers to study bio-warfare pathogens[6]. The visit of the top Chinese expert in biological warfare, Major General Chen Wei, to the institute at the end of January with a team of scientists, and the proximity of the wet-market, the scapegoat as the origin of the virus, are all explicable. Outspoken intellectuals like Prof Xu Zhangrun were arrested and their whereabouts are still unknown.[7] Ms Fang Fang, the author of book ‘Wuhan Dairy’, is facing death threats.[8]   
As of now, more than two hundred thousand people have died and more than three million positive cases are reported, and the figures are still moving uphill. But what has China done, instead of apologizing and taking moral responsibility for the chaos it has created around the world, China tried to put the blame first on the US army,[9] then on Italy[10] and Kazakhstan, lately on the black people.[11] Both the US and Italy are undergoing great difficulty and sufferings due to this Chinese virus, casualty and unemployment rate is the highest in these two countries. Yet, China has the guts to say that the virus originated from the US and Italy. Taking the opportunity of this pandemic state, China claimed Kazakhstan as historically part of China, and to further confuse the situation, it said the Coronavirus originated from the land.[12]  

The black people from the African countries, who helped sustain Chinese economy in various sectors, and whose countries welcomed Xi’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and Chinese people to Africa, are now made a scapegoat to fit China’s narrative that the virus was of foreign origin. How black people are discriminated against and treated in Guangzhou city is something that will make humanity cry.[13] Here in this internet world, we are able to see these atrocities, but Tibetans, Uighurs and Mongolians have gone through this kind of discrimination and torture for decades and are still suffering under the repressive communist regime.[14]    

When the Olympic Committee conferred China the honour to host the 2008 Olympic, China promised to relax and amend its notorious human rights, press and religious freedom records. The international community expected China to open up and subscribe to the international norms and democratic values after the Olympics. But China took the 2008 Olympic more as an acknowledgement by the world of its growing military and economic power, and endorsement of its human rights policies. In Tibet, human rights and religious freedom deteriorated greatly after the Olympic, restriction and surveillance became so severe that Tibetan refugees crossing the border came to nil since then. Today, the Tibetan plateau which His Holiness the Dalai Lama has once dreamt of making it as a Zone of Peace[15] has become one of the highly militarized zones in the world today.

Even after all the chaos and pandemic it has created, China is trying to come out as a winner and take advantage of the devastation it has engineered. China continues to suppress information and its total Covid-19 cases remained stagnant at 82,000+ and the death at 4000+ since March, whereas actual casualty and death is said to be much higher.[16] What is shocking here is, China supplied medical kits worth million dollars to combat Coronavirus disease in the US, Canada, Italy, India, Nepal and some other countries. But these kits were found faulty and were returned.[17] They first send diseases and then sell medical kits which are faulty, and there is no sense of remorse and not a word of apology! Trade and economy, and stock markets have plummeted, but China is on buying spree![18] What does all these say about China?  

Now, when the world is limping and struggling hard to recover from the pandemic, China has the audacity to send naval warships to Japan, South China seas,[19] and the Indian Ocean.[20] It arrested Martin Lee along with some 14 prominent democratic advocates[21] in Hong Kong and has threatened to bomb Taiwan into submission.[22] Yet, its White Paper on Defense says “China will never seek hegemony and sphere of influence”,[23] and the Chinese Ambassador to India is seen harping on the same[24] while Chinese cartographers are busy altering the map of Indian frontiers.[25]

China is known for its violation of human rights, press and religious freedom, yet it has found its way to the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) through dubious means.[26] China has through its Belt and Road Initiative trapped many developing countries in debt trap. The lands and assets of these countries are held for ransom.[27] The World Health Organization (WHO)’s Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has become a Chinese propaganda flute.[28] Just recently, China pressured the European Union (EU) to soften its report on Covid-19 disinformation.[29] These aggressive and heavy-handed tactics used by China are indicative of a dangerous and corrosive trend gnawing the future world order.  

The international community should wake up to this Coronavirus alarm and bring the Chinese communist party to the International Court of Justice. More than 154 Tibetans have committed self-immolation since 2009 to protest the Chinese atrocities and to draw the attention of the international community to the injustice and human rights abuses that Tibetans are subjected to. This Coronavirus pandemic has revealed how dangerous the Chinese dictatorial regime could be if left unchallenged. It exposed the true nature of the Chinese communist party and how it is a threat to global peace, stability and democracy. 

The world leaders have decided to investigate and make China accountable for the chaos and the pandemic caused by the Coronavirus.[30] The international lawsuits[31] for more than twenty trillion US dollars against China for the economic loss is one thing, more importantly, the international community must take this opportunity and rise up together to free the world from the tyranny and the shackles of the communist dictatorship, and usher in a new global order of peace, justice and democracy.  Whatever the cause of the virus, China used it as its Trojan horse to global hegemony. We all must work in unity to make China accountable for this grave conspiracy and crime against humanity.

* T.G. Arya is the Director of Tibet Policy Institute and Secretary of the Department of Information and International Relations (DIIR) of Central Tibetan Administration (CTA). Disclaimer: Views expressed above are the author’s own.

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