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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Avatar's Pandora is Tibet

Avatar's Pandora is Tibet, once a peaceful nation on the high plateau of Himalayan mountains. It was also destroyed by time and greed.

Seeing Avatar movie, I can't help thinking this is the exact replica of what has happened and is happening in Tibet. Pandora is Tibet, Na'Vi -- Tibetans, and Colonel Quaritch and his team- the People Liberation Army (PLA) of Communist China.

Tibet was a peaceful land situated to the West of China and North of India. A God-king [Dalai Lama] who abides by the Buddhist principle of non-violence and compassion ruled the land. The region was rich in nature, minerals and water resources. These resources were left almost unexploited by the natives because they lived by the needs not by greed. Prosperity and inner joy pervaded the land. When the world was busy with industrial revolutions, World Wars, and external material developments, Tibetan masters were busy studying the inner spiritual essence of all beings, promoting human value, atmosphere of peace and non-violence.

However, in 1950, driven by greed for the high ground of Tibet and its rich natural resources, Communist China invaded Tibet, they massacred some 1.2 million people, razed the Tibetan temples and monasteries, Tibet was thrown into the world of blazing hell. The PLA army did what the Colonel Quadric and his team did to the Navies.

But Tibet is a real life story. Tibetans are still suffering under the oppressive Chinese regime. Their leader, Dalai Lama is in exile, his non-violent and peaceful approach to restore the peaceful glory of Tibet has won him Nobel Peace Prize but not Tibet. He is tirelessly globetrotting appealing the international community to support peace and freedom in Tibet.

Today, with the completion of railway lines into Tibet, China is all out in stripping the mountains and damming the rivers of Tibet with impunity.

I don't know if James Cameron had Tibet in mind while making Avatar, but Pandora and Navi represent the Tibetan situation. Avatar is set as some occurrence in the coming centuries in a small planet called Pandora. We don't need to look far; we have a real Pandora right here in the heart of Asia, Tibet.

If the people who had seen Avatar want to see a real Pandora, they should go to Tibet and save the land.
Avatar movie review: http://www.rottentomatoes.com/user/802848/reviews/

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