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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Students for Free Tibet Events in SF Bay Area

August 17, 2012 Friday

Tendor, Executive Director of SFT Speaking before the gathering
Richmond: Executive Director of Students for Free Tibet, Mr. Tendor, and Lhakdon la of Tibet Action Institute visited San Francisco Bay Area today, and delivered very inspiring and educative talks on Tibet issue to more than hundred Tibetans and Tibet supporters gathered at the Tibetan community hall in Richmond. Lobsang Choephel, a dedicated volunteer [as introduced by Tendor la] of SFT was also with them video recording the event.
Tendor la briefed and updated the gathering on two things: the direction of our struggle, and the importance of Lhakar movement. He said that the Tibetans in Tibet are giving up their lives in a hope that their act of sacrifice through self-immolation would ignite the attention of international community, and coerce Chinese government to free Tibet. Till now, we've requested the world leaders to urge the Chinese leader to respect human rights in Tibet, and talk with His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Many of international leaders have done this. We have received lot of sympathy, but nothing concrete has been achieved. Now, we have adopted a new way - formation of "Multilateral Forum" to pressure Chinese government into action. "Good news is that Senator Frank Wolf and Senator M. Jim have already written to Hilary Clinton to this effect. If we could succeed in making this Forum work, our struggle is bound to achieve concrete result. So, we need to work on a way to ask the world leaders not only to speak on Tibet, but to take action also." He said.
Regarding Lhakar, Mr. Tendor said this is a grass-root movement that emitted from general populace of Tibet. It is a cultural movement by individuals and society to practice and to uphold the dignity of their cultural and language; It is non-violent, non-cooperation movement by the Tibetans against the Chinese government's insidious scheme to assimilate the Tibetans. Since its beginning in 2008, Lhakar movement has gained popularity and is being practiced throughout Tibet and Tibetan community in exile. We all must take this movement seriously, and participate accordingly. It is not a matter of numbers; it is to sustain the movement to achieve our common objectives.
Lhadon Tethong of Tibet Action Institute spoke on how best and effectively to bring the modern technology to support our struggle, and to protect our people in Tibet. Technology is a key to modern revolution. There is information blackout in China to keep the Chinese people repressed, and Tibet occupied. How much the Chinese government try to suppress the information, because of modern technology, information are soon out. When the people have decided to be free, and organize themselves and fight, it is a matter of time only. Chinese government is losing battle with its people, Tibetans are getting stronger. Our people have gone a way beyond fear. Chinese communist regime is bound to collapse soon.
SFT members have also brought a copy of the "Declaration of Independence" edict issued by His Holiness the !3th Dalai Lama in 1913. Lhadon Tethong said this is not just a historical document; this is a living document for our future. The document clearly shows that Tibet that we are talking about is the Tibet covering the three provinces: U-tsang, Amdo, and Kham regions. Situation is difficult right now, but at the same opportunity is also great, we must seize the opportunity to make our demand heard and bring the Chinese government to the negotiating table.
Lobsang Choephel, who was video recording the event was introduced by Tendor la as a very dedicated and sincere member. Lobsang la spoke about how he was inspired to work for SFT, and how each and every individual could make difference in our struggle. He explained about the fund raising activities of the SFT, and said how US$500/- per annum by 1000 individual could mitigate the financial burden of the SFT. "A certificate of acknowledgement will also be issued to the donor." He said.
The talks was well received by the audience, the assembly hall of the Tibetan community was packed with people. Some western supporters have also come to attend the gathering. Later Tendor la distributed a copy of the "Declaration of Independence" to each family in the region.
Mr. Tsedup, Chairman of Tibetan Association of North California thanked the speakers on behalf of the Tibetans in North California, and presented traditional scarves to the speakers and members of Student of Free Tibet.
Many people commented that it was indeed great to see the dedication of the young speakers, and their tireless effort in keeping our struggle alive. Tendor, Lhadon and Lobsang did a great job in inspiring the youngsters to follow their footstep to Tibet movement; elderly people were impressed and happy, and some commented "the banner of our struggle is in the right hand, these youngsters are really doing a great job. The days of the Chinese regime are limited."   

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